Farm Insurance

At Hastings Mutual Insurance Company we know farm insurance.  Hastings Mutual has specialized in insuring farms since 1885. From small hobby farms to large operations, we have the innovative coverages to protect your farming needs. Our independent agency partners can work with you to develop a comprehensive Farmowners policy that covers your residence, personal property, barns and outbuildings, farm personal property, liability, and more. You can count on Hastings Mutual to provide top quality insurance to protect your farm.  In addition to our farmowners package, check out the additional products and features below that are tailored to meet your specific risks as a farm owner. 


Optional Coverages

Farm Optional Coverages Include

  • Coverage Plus Endorsement - Including:
  • Sewer Back Up
  • Tree Debris Removal
  • Refrigerated Foods or Farm Personal Property
  • Emergency Removal of Hay
  • Waterbed Discharge
  • Personal Injury Liability
  • Replacement Cost of Outbuildings
  • Waiver of Residence Glass Deductible
  • Peak Season
  • Ordinance or Law Coverage
  • Recreational Motor Vehicles(Off Road)
  • Business Pursuits
  • Replacement Cost - Personal Property
  • Leisure Sports Endorsement
  • Additional Debris Removal
  • Employers Liability (Excluding Ohio)
  • Off-Premises Electrical Failure
  • Livestock Confinement Coverage
  • Additional Operating Expense
  • Loss of Income
  • Farm Personal - Spoilage
  • Increased Premises Pollutant Cleanup Removal
  • Damage to Crops and Fences
  • Theft of Building Materials
  • Pollution Increased Limits
  • Custom Farming
Many other optional coverages are available.  Contact your local Hastings Mutual agent for more information so they can tailor a policy specific to your insurance needs.