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Don’t let an accident or a work site mistake drain your business income. Protect your company and your employees with Hastings Mutual products custom-made for you.

A plumber, like many contractors, needs coverage for themselves, their tools, and their transportation to and from work sites. Your independent insurance agent can help you determine the specific coverages that are best for your business, whether you’re an experienced professional or just getting started in the industry.

Suggested Hastings Mutual coverage for plumbers

  • Businessowners: If you run a business, this policy is where you want to start. Your policy will include coverage for damaged equipment and your financial accounts, among other protections.
  • Selected Contractors: From a simple leak to a complete system overhaul, you want to make sure you’re covered if there’s damage to the site where you’re working. Our policy also includes coverage for equipment and your tools.
  • We offer two versions of this coverage, depending on your company’s number of full-time employees, annual gross receipts, and the percentage of your work that’s sub-contracted to other workers.
  • General Liability: You always want your team to be healthy, safe, and productive. But unexpected challenges can lead to problems — problems you can address with Hastings Mutual’s general liability coverage. We cover several types of liability, including bodily injury and advertising injury.

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