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Selected Metalists

Craft the perfect insurance coverage for your metalworking business.

Begin with a Hastings Mutual Select policy and build it up with our unique options.

Talk with your independent insurance agent about our exclusive Select Metalist and Metalist Plus coverage. Your tools, your dies and molds, and your final product can be protected at the level you need to make sure your business is a success.

What types of business are right for Hastings Mutual Select Metalist coverage?

  • Bolt, nut, rivet, screw, or washer manufacturing
  • Machinery parts manufacturing
  • Metal goods manufacturing
  • Pattern manufacturing
  • Precision tools and instruments
  • Tool manufacturing accessories
  • and more…

Suggested Hastings Mutual Coverage for Metalists

  • Selected Metalist: We offer two different programs, depending on your combined property value and your total annual sales.
  • Metalist Plus: If there’s damage or theft of your tools or final product, your Hastings Mutual coverage will get you back to business. You can add to your liability coverage when it’s peak season for you and your team. Your insurance can even apply when you’re transporting your work to place on display or put it up for sale.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Your employees work hard and need protection if they’re hurt on the job. Workers’ compensation policies are often required by law; talk to your independent insurance agent about how Hastings Mutual can help your company.

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