FirstCall Work Injury Hotline

Get immediate medical attention no matter where you are.

Hastings Mutual, in cooperation with Medcor®, is offering the FirstCall Work Injury Hotline, a phone number that Workers’ Compensation policyholders can use to receive medical advice for non-life-threatening injuries. During a call, a skilled medical professional will assess an employee’s injury and provide first aid instructions or refer the patient to further medical care. The Work Injury Hotline is available on all Workers’ Compensation policies without restrictions. All policyholders and their employees can access this emergency hotline at any time, 7 days a week.

Contact your local independent insurance agent to learn more about this valuable service, available at no additional charge.

Note: If you are a Workers’ Compensation policyholder, please opt-in to the FirstCall Triage Incident Reports website to receive a report on each incident submitted for your company.  Your username is the policy number shown on your company's policy declaration page. You will also need to create a new password.

FirstCall Work Injury Hotline in Action