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Selected Contractors — Landscape Gardeners

Hastings Mutual can help you sculpt the perfect coverage for your business.

Talk with your independent insurance agent about the coverages Hastings Mutual offers to landscapers and their teams. You’ll be able to customize a policy to fit your company’s size and business needs.

Suggested Hastings Mutual coverage for landscape gardeners

  • Selected Contractors: Our policy includes coverage for equipment and your tools. It’s meant to protect you and your business from before you provide a quote to after you’ve raked, shoveled, and improved your client’s property.
  • We offer two versions of this coverage, depending on your company’s number of full-time employees, annual gross receipts, and the percentage of your work that’s sub-contracted to other workers.
  • Commercial Auto: While Hastings Mutual offers coverage for your personal vehicle, our commercial auto coverage is what you’re looking for when you need insurance on a truck or other work vehicle.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Your employees work hard and need protection if they’re hurt on the job. Workers’ compensation policies are often required by law — your agent will know about what’s available from Hastings Mutual, and what’s vital for your business.

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